16th May, 2017

Dear Members of the Bar,

The Pengarah Mahkamah Selangor has brought to the attention of the Selangor Bar Committee of legal firms practicing in Selangor with unclaimed court deposits.

Attached herewith are the particulars, the governing Rules Of Court (Amendment) 2013, in particular, Lampiran B1 - Bil 79 - 82 and ​Lampiran B2 - Bil 39 - 42.

Members are advised to check the list and the governing provisions to make their claims for refund of the said deposits accordingly.

Baki Dep 31.03.17_201704180952

pua_20130228_P.U. (A) 67- KAEDAH2 MAHKAMAH PINDAAN 2013 (FINAL 2)

3.2017 Penyata Baki Dep 73003

Thank you.
A G Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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