16th June, 2017

Dear Selangor Bar Members,

The Chairman of the Selangor Bar has been informed this morning of the following notice as stated below.

A Help Center will be opened for all lawyers at Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur next week from Monday until Friday to assist lawyers with their MPKI issues and EFS related matters.

The details are as follows:-

Location : Level 7, Bilik Mawar, Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur.

Time : 9:30AM – 4.00PM

Date : 19th until 23rd July 2017

Lawyers are requested to bring along their laptop computer so that the support team can help to resolve any issues on the spot.

Members are advised to take immediate notice and be guided accordingly.

A G Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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