30th March, 2018

Dear Members of the Bar,

The Selangor Bar has been notified that the Shah Alam Court registry is now charging RM2.00 per page for scanning under the E-filing system.

As such, the Selangor Bar has taken the necessary steps to assist our members by providing scanning services at the Bar Room at the Shah Alam Court Complex and at the Selangor Bar’s Library at the secretariat building.

The Selangor Bar will charge members RM0.20 per page for scanning and RM2.00 per CDR only (inclusive of 6% GST).

Further, members who have already registered under Phase 2 or have migrated from Phase 1 of the E-filing system, may now utilise the desktop computers provided at the Bar room and our secretariat at the rate of RM5.00 for 30 minutes.

These facilities made available for our members on a self-service basis. However, assistance may be sought and rendered by the secretariat staff if members face any initial difficulties.

Thank you.

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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