19th July, 2017


Dear Members of the Selangor Bar,

With regard to the implementation of the ‘Sistem e-Tanah’ effective 19 June 2017, the Wilayah Land Office (“WLO”) has started the process of converting all titles into e-titles.

Pending completion of this process, members are and will be encountering problems in conducting online land searches because the respective titles have yet to be converted into e-titles.

The Conveyancing Practice Committee (“CPC”) jointly with the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee had a meeting with WLO on 18/7/2017 to find ways to overcome the problems during this transition period.

The WLO informed us that the conversion process shall be completed approximately by 30/8/2017 and has agreed to prioritise the conversion for urgent cases and the CPC shall assist in gathering the title particulars for these cases and submitting the list to WLO on a daily basis until the conversion process is completed. However, the WLO has imposed a limit of 100 titles per day.

Further, for cases where the land search is needed for the following matters, it shall be given priority:-

1) for preparing sale and purchase agreement (purchase via agent as there is a time line to execute the agreement).
2) for execution of the loan documentations by the Bank.
3) for advising the Bank to release the redemption sum.
4) for advising the bank to release the balance purchase price.

Please send us with details such as the title particulars, the completion date together with the supporting documents so that we can forward the same to the WLO for their immediate action.

Please note that incomplete title particulars, lack of supporting documents or information as to the completion date of the sale and purchase agreement will not be entertained.

Thank you.

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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