24th October, 2017

Help Desk to Assist Members with their Online Application for SA/PC 2018

Dear Members of the Selangor Bar,

In order to assist members with their Online applications for Sijil Annual / Practising Certificate 2018 (SA/PC), the Selangor Bar has set up a Help Desk where Selangor Bar members who need assistance with their application can come to the Selangor Bar Secretariat.

Currently, the Selangor Bar Help Desk will operate once a week on Wednesdays (beginning 25th October 2017) from 2.00 pm to 4.30pm. Members are requested to call the Selangor Bar Secretariat (Ms. Shariza : 03-5519 6219) for an appointment before you come. This will give also give an opportunity to the secretariat to clarify the documents that the members need to bring along with them.

Kindly note that all applications for SA/PC 2018 have to be submitted on or before 30th November, 2017 but members are advised not to wait till the last date before submitting their applications.


(1) Members must already have obtained a Malaysian Bar website username and password, by registering using the form available at It may take up to two working days for your request to be processed;

(2) In addition, if the law firm's authorised representative wishes to assist to prepare the application, the representative must already have obtained a law firm username and password, as per the information provided in section I(B) (entitled "Law Firm Online Portal") on pages 2 and 3 of Circular No 190/2017. It may take up to five working days for a request to be processed;

(3) Members must have settled all outstanding payments, and allowed up to five working days for your payments to be processed; and

(4) Members must bring all applicable supporting documents, as outlined in Circular No 190/2017, to be scanned and uploaded. Members are advised to scan the documents in advance and bring the soft copies to be uploaded, to expedite the process.

Thank you,

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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