04th December, 2017

To Members of the Selangor Bar

The Bar Council Family Law Committee ("FLC") will be organising a meeting with the Managing Judge and Sitting Judge of the Kuala Lumpur Family Court, and the Managing Judge and Sitting Judge of the Shah Alam High Court tasked with Hearing Family matters, to discuss issues faced by Members of the Bar in respect of family law practice.

In order to have a meaningful and effective meeting, we invite Members to provide feedback on issues relating to family law practice. FLC will discuss the feedback obtained, and collate the issues to be brought to the attention of the said Judges.

In order for these concerns to be addressed effectively, we request that Members provide their feedback in the following format :

Case No Description of Issues

LC welcomes any and all feedback, even if Members wish to redact certain details so that their identity will not be revealed.

Please note, however, that without specific details, it would be difficult for FLC to take up the issues raised by Members.

Kindly submit your input by email to [email protected], on or before 15 Dec 2017 (Friday).

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Rajeswari Gunarasa, Officer, by telephone at 03-2050 2089, or by email at [email protected]

Thank you.

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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