22nd March, 2018

With great pleasure, the Selangor Bar Committee announces that each and every member can now access Lexis Malaysia online case law search engine portal and the LexisNexis ebooks from your Desktop or your Mobile.

This privilege of access is solely for each and every member of the Selangor Bar. Therefore, please keep your Username and Password secure and private by not sharing the same with others.

The step by step guidance are as follows:-

1. open your internet browser and go to

2. click the button "Member's Login" on the right (next to "Recent Posting")

3. enter your Username (Bar Council Registration Number without the word "BC", any "/"or spacing)

4. enter the Password (Last 6 digit of your IC number without any " – " or spacing)

5. For first time users, the system will automatically ask the user to change the password. Do not use the same login Password as earlier (the password must be different) Retype the new password in the second field and click "Change"

6. click the user icon (on the top right) to update your email address or to change password

7. click the "Home" button (on the top right) to go to Lexis Malaysia (eLibrary) or LexRead (ebooks)

Accessing LexRead Ebooks:
Mobile Offline:
a. Browse the books
b. Click Read Offline
c. Click "Download LexRead reader" to install the mobile app
d. Click "Open in "Reader", it will auto open the offline reader from your mobile app

Mobile Online:
a. Browse the books
b. Click the book cover
c. Click "View/Inside" to view Online

Desktop Offline:
a. Click "Download Reader" (red button)
b. If your system cannot auto install the required plugins, please download the Adobe Air and iPublishCentral Reader (Install the software manually)
c. Browse the books
d. Click "Read Offline"
e. Click the download icon to download the .ipef file, double click to open the file in your computer, the iPublishCentral Reader will start to download the ebook content.

Desktop Online:
a. Browse the books
b. Click "View PDF" (red button) to view online

For more information click here

8. click the "Logout" button to logout.

System Requirements:

For the best performance, members need the latest version of one of the following browsers :

1. PC : Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
Macintosh Users : Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

2. A screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 is recommended
3. Enable Javascript & Cookies. This site requires Javascript 1.2 or higher and cookies to be enabled.
Consult your browser's
Help section to enable Javascript and cookies.


a) For any queries on access, please contact [email protected] or contact Ms. Farizan at the Secretariat @ Tel No: 03-5519 6219

b) For queries on existing Lexis Malaysia subscriptions, contact your regular account manager or LexisNexis Malaysia Customer service at 1800 88 8856 or email [email protected]

c) For queries on Lexis Malaysia content, contact [email protected]

Thank you,

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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