07th June, 2018

Meeting with Chief Registrar and Immigrations Department
5th April, 2018, 3.00pm @ POJ

CR Informed that the transfer of cases to Mahkamah PATI Semenyih (PATI) has been put on hold after receiving a letter from the SBC

Tn. M. Bakri Informed that the PATI has been renovated and the security measures has been improved

There is no issue on the safety and it is very safe for everyone.

Tuan Saravanan A lot of improvement on the upgrades has been done to the PATI in respect of safety

Tuan Harizan Explained to everyone present on the layout of the PATI

Informed that visiting hours will be in the afternoon and mornings will be for trials

There will guards at every point and sufficient parking for everyone

Tn. Saravanan Visiting is only allowed after trials

Dato’ Osman In year 2011, there was allocation to renovate the PATI

Have installed second layer security, CCTV and electric fencing has been fixed

Very secure with the second layer of fencing

Mr. Salim Issue of convenience

Lawyers have to walk using the uncovered long way – very hot / rainy

Senior lawyers will find it very difficult

Better to have a walkway

Chairman 60-80 foreigners are charged in one day in Sepang Court with 2 judges

In PATI, only 1 judge, how long will it take to hear to all 60-80 cases

Tn. M. Bakri We intend to have it every day but at the moment not enough of staff

By June, 2018, it should be alright

Chairman In sepang Court, there is 2 courts but in PATI only 1

For bail, there is no banking facilities in Semenyih

Lawyers have to pay in Bangi and revert to Semenyih

Dato’ Osman There is banking facilities in the new town of Semenyih

Tn. M. Bakri Lawyers can make payment in PATI

Mr. Murugan Not enough staff in PATI
Chairman Sepang court is an open court

It has CCTV and gazetted

Mr. Salim Hand phones are not allowed in PATI

Certain rules are imposed

The Commandant is in full control, not the judiciary

Lawyers have to register to enter

There is no other exit – if anything happens

Mr. Varghese Onny The security is still the same

All the other courts are in the front of the depo except for PATI

He then explained on the riot which took place previously

There are improvements but the structure is still the same

In Sepang, 3 judges only listens to 20 cases, under utilised

We are not objecting, but in Sepang, all cases will finish early by 12pm

Chairman Only have 1 access to the PATI

Even for fire emergency – only have 1 access

We cannot have a closed court, public must have access, must witness

It is a controlled court

Dato’ Osman The way for lawyers is different now

More secure and safety is not an issue

Mr. Murugan &
Mr. Varghese Onny
It is the same way

Mr. Varghese Onny The center way is for judges and court staff

The side way(yellow) is for lawyers and visitors

Dato’ Osman The yellow way is very safe

Tn. Saravanan The yellow way is very safe with the additional power fencing

CR Suggested to visit the PATI whether it is safe for the judiciary, lawyers and public
Pn. Rozilah There is a PATI court in Jln. Duta Court, better and comfortable

Previously ½ of the cases in Sepang was sent to Jln. Duta but not now

3 immigration departments are involved – KLIA-Depo KLIA, Putrajaya-Depo B.Jalil and Selangor – Depo Semenyih

Selangor & KLIA cases are more

If there is no trial, can have it at the depo only

Unfortunately Sepang court is not suitable

Suggested for Selangor to have it at the depo

Court Planned for 2 days in PATI

1st mention in PATI and lawyers can request for other courts

Mr. Murali So are we compromising the safety aspect?
CR We need to visit the PATI
Mr. Salim PATI - at least to follow the rules of court
Tn. Saravanan Hand phones are allowed now in PATI
CR Only 1st mention in PATI

Hearing must go back to court

Mr. Salim Lawyers need to register before entering the PATI – if need to meet the client

We do not want the immigration to set the rules

Mr. Murali To follow the court procedure

Mr. Varghese Onny Lets start with KLIA & Selangor immigration cases in PATI

CR Confirmed to visit PATI on 20th April, 2018, 3pm

Meeting ended.


Meeting with Chief Registrar and Immigrations Department &
Visit to PATI Semenyih
20th April, 2018, 3.00pm @ PATI Semenyih

CR Welcomed everyone

Tn. Hazizan Presented a slideshow on the layout of the Depo and briefed everyone
- There is a SOP and Contingency plan in place now for ‘Kelarian, Kebakaran, Rusuhan, Tebusan’
- There is also a UPK (Unit Pengurusan Krisis @ 20 staff) to handle these kind of situations
- Always on standby
- 1st backup before the police
- UPK trains more than 4 times a year
- There will be safety officers stationed to monitor the security
- Need to register at the entrance (lawyers & public)
- Only lawyers are allowed to bring hand phone
- There will be safety officers on standby until the court finishes hearing
- There are 2 exit (the same way to enter & at the back where connects to the main road)
- Visitors are not allowed during hearing
- The court will operate everyday (5 days)
- Only 20 visitors allowed in a day
CR How many cases in 1 day?

Tn. Saravanan 100 to 150 cases
After the slideshow presentation, the delegates made a tour
- Visit to the court and watched a safety demonstration exhibited by the UPK
CR Welcomed any issues to be raised

Chairman Thanked the judiciary and Immigrations department for the meeting and also on the improvements done to the Depo PATI Semenyih and the court
- But the main concern is the security and Open court concept
- On security, there is improvement, there is a 2nd exit at the back with Immigration officers to assist lawyers to exit if any riot happens
- The immigration department has done it with what they have
- But it is not conducive for the judiciary and lawyers
CR Does the riot previously happened during trial?

Mr. Murugan Yes, the FRU came and took the lawyers & judge out and not the Immigrations officers

Immigration staff RELA officers went back, not enough officers
- Happened after office hours

Mr. Varghese Onny We were there when the riot happened
- It happened in the morning around 10.30am

Immigration staff No, the next day we close and cordoned off the area

Mr. Murugan Please ask from an independent witness
Mr. Varghese Onny Please ask the court interpreter then; Mr. Abdullah Hakim

Immigrations Officer With the electric fencing and CCTV it is much safer now

CR We need to upgrade some of the things in the court
Chairman Open court
- The commandant is the boss at the Depo
- The sessions court is answerable to the commandant
- Public must have access
- The lawyers concerned about justice not being done

Dato’ Osman The public are allowed but must abide with the security procedures

Chairman It should be an open court but the commandant is in power
- It has to be an open court in strict sense

Dato’ Osman All the other Depos have courts
- The only difference is that in Depo PATI Semenyih the court is at the back
- But public can still access

Mr. Salim The rights of lawyers will be infringed
- We have to have a SOP in case the officers changes in future
- It should be an open court
- No need to register (for general cases)
- The uncovered way for lawyers to enter is more than 300 metres
- Ladies & pregnant women will find it very difficult

Tn. Hazizan Lawyers are allowed to use hand phones except at ‘Kawasan Larangan’

Mr. Salim How can we improvise more
Tn. Saravanan For courts, the registration can be different

Chairman 2nd exit - To clear the 2nd exit (jungle) to the main road and to have a proper path
Building – (gazetted area)
- Must see as a one building
- It must have a proper exit
- Proper signage

If it is an open court, it also must function like an open court

Dato’ Jaafar We have already maximise the safety measures
- During trials, there will be officers in every stations
- This DEPO is only for new foreigners
- We already have a new SOP in place (safety)
- Must register for monitoring reasons
- We will provide different tag for lawyers/witness/public, etc
- We have a better response time (police, fire department, etc.)
- Already in plan to improvise
Dato’ Nazri Immigration have done their work
- Safety measures have been improvised
Immigration All the safety & rules at all the DEPOs will be checked from time to time
- There is a checklist for all DEPOs
- Have regular drills & contingency plan
- DEPO Semenyih was last checked in June 2017 – it is safe
- Can have an open court in PATI Semenyih
Chairman What is wrong with the Sepang court?
CR The CJ instructed immigration cases to be moved to Depo Semenyih
- Assured there will be more improvement at PATI Semenyih

Meeting ended with light reception


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