05th December, 2019

Report of Meeting with the Pengarah, Pn Rozilah Binti Salleh on 23/10/19.

Also, Present Pn Amanina, Pn Syajaratudur, Pn. Rozilawati & Another Bar - Mr. Bernard Scott (Chairman), Mr. M K Thas (Chairperson, Criminal Law & Court Liaison Sub-Committee), Ms.  Kokila Vaani (Chairperson, Civil Law & Court Liaison).

1. Issues Raised By SBC:


1.  Shah Alam Car Park - MBSA agrees parking up to 11am along the pavement by the roads. This is a temporary and not a permanent approval.

2.  133 bays at car park at the Basements strictly for lawyers. Open air car park on the right wing is on a first come and first serve basis.

3.  SUK has not given any permission to park at their car park.

(Note –
a.   Subsequent to our meeting with the Pengarah, a number of complaints have arisen from lawyers regarding the right to park at the open-air car park in the court complex. The committee will be engaging with the court administration regarding this matter and will update in due course.
b.   With the implementation of E-Review to take place in new year, the lack of parking spaces maybe overcome.)

4.  Designation of car parks to lawyers at Sepang, Klang & Selayang Courts – The court will consider.

5.  Shah Alam Court Canteen -

i) Odour of food to be eradicated by Exhaust fans – Court will inform vendor.

ii) Court will inform the vendor on maintaining cleanliness.

iii) As long as canteen is opened for business, they should take orders.

6.  Court to set up 5 units of vending machines for hot and cold food and drinks at various locations in the Court complex.

7.  Sepang Canteen - Hygiene Issues will be looked into by the Court.

8.  SBC proposed - Kajang, Selayang, PJ, Klang Court to provide a food vending machines.

9.  Selayang Court canteen - Fumes from canteen kitchen rising the upper floor - Court will look into it.

10. Telephone operator Issue – SBC requested for extension telephone numbers to be provided to enable callers to connect directly to the intended court staff/registrar instead of going through the operator - Court will decide if they are able to provide the extension telephone numbers to SBC.

11.  Sg.Besar court - No Bar room. Court will look into it.

12.  Klang Court Bar Room, Court requested that the lights/air-cond to be switched off by lawyers when leaving the room.

13.  After the meeting, Ampang, Klang, Kuala Selangor, Telok Datok and Kuala Kubu Baru courts has been directed by the Pengarah to have the Bar rooms open during court hours.


1.  Court to give time to the Defence to prepare for trial Prosecution to in completing & supplying of documents before the trial dates are fixed.

2.  Court-Chemist Department will take approximately 7 weeks to prepare their report, with an additional 2 weeks’ if necessary, to do so. Court informed when quantity of drugs are large, and where more time is required, the Chemistry Department will be required to write to the IO wherein court will give further dates.

3.  SBC - Judges/Magistrates not to fill in the gap of the prosecution’s case- Court noted.

4.  SBC- Juveniles must not be hand cuffed in court, (Judicial Officers must highlight this issue to the police officers in court) - Court noted.

5.  SBC-Remand at Petaling Jaya taking place at 2 separate floors according to district in Petaling Jaya and YBGK lawyers and Defense Counsels are not able to be at 2 different places at the same time. Court will address this issue.

Issues Raised by The Pengarah of Shah Alam Court

1.  Sepang Court – Touting.

2.  Selayang Court – Prevented Touting.

3.  KK Baru Court – Tout claiming to act for law firm was personally warned by the Pengarah to refrain.

4.  PJ Courts – Touting.

5.  SBC – Members are advised against Touting

End of Meeting

Thank you.

MK Thas
Criminal Practice & Court Liaison Sub Committee
Selangor Bar Committee


Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Civil Practice & Court Liaison Sub Committee
Selangor Bar Committee


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