12th December 2019

The meeting between the Selangor Bar Conveyancing, SRE & Non-Contentious Matter Practice and the Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Selangor (PTG) which was held on 6.12.2019, whereby the  following issues that were raised and resolved:
Issues :

The recent direction by the Petaling Land Office (PTG) to insert the fine print “N.L.C. 22A-Pin3/2017” at the right-hand corner of the Memorandum of Transfer (Form 14A) and Charge Form(Form 16A) whereby failure to do so will cause the presentation of the Form 14A and Form 16A to be rejected.

Please be informed that we have highlighted to the PTG  that this is not a requirement under the National Land Code (NLC) and PTG has agreed with us and confirmed that all presentation(s) of the Form 14A and Form 16A with or without the insertion of the said fine print will be accepted with immediate effect.

PTG has also confirmed that those presentation(s) which has/have been rejected due to the insertion of the said fine print can now proceed to present the same without any penalty being imposed by the PTG.

The rest of the amendments highlighted by the PTG are in accordance to the amendments to the NLC in 2017 and members are required to attend to their Forms accordingly.  

Thank you.

Selangor Bar Committee


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