Legal Vacancies
position Corporate Conveyancing Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities (Job Description)

1. Prepare legal correspondence, standard documentation and statutory forms
2. Compile and organise client documents, payment vouchers, correspondences and legal
documentation into designated client filing systems, as electronic copies as well as hard copies.
3. Maintain and update files and databases on digital server file systems created for client matters
4. Initiate online company, insolvency, CTOS and land searches.
5. Create photocopies, scanned copies and other reproductions of client records and
6. Facilitate for despatch of documentation to Courts, law firms, public offices and other locations as needed.
7. Initiate phone calls to clients, clients’ counterparties, governmental offices (including stamp
offices, land offices and SSM) and other relevant parties as instructed.
8. Assist Solicitors in locating files and organising, copying, and maintaining documents, and
providing support generally for standard matters occurring on client matters.
9. Monitor and recording the contents of incoming and outgoing mails addressed to Solicitors
and/or clients pertaining to all clerical matters instructed.
10. Coordinate with the accounts personnel to prepare tax invoices, including proforma invoices, for client billings.
11. Coordinate with the managerial personnel when gathering, documenting and storing client information upon conclusion of client matters.
12. Compiling templates of legal documents drafted in each client matter towards the template database of the firm.
13. Participating in internal discussions after closing hours, as and when requested by Solicitors in respect of client matters assigned.
14. Developing strategies to manage client matters from start to end, simultaneously ensuring that all documents to be compiled towards the documentation and/or due diligence on the client matter are secured promptly and meticulously.
15. Rendering assistance to all other departments of the Firm to ensure that the operations of the Firm, insofar as relevant to the conduct of client matters particularly, are handled efficiently.

Qualifications and Requirement
1. Recent experience of at least 3 to 5 years’ in a fast-paced legal environment (in a firm of less
than 10 lawyers shall be relevant).
2. Well-versed in conveyancing and corporate drafting.
3. Proficient computer skills, and a thorough understanding of functions on Microsoft Word.
4. Familiar with ‘Lexis Affinity’ software.
5. Able to perform a wide range of clerical duties, including maintaining files and highly
confidential information, in both an independent and collaborative manner.
6. Experience in dealing with new online submissions and registration procedures, in relation to
LHDN and land offices.
7. Experience in liaising with developers’ offices and company secretaries.

Desired Qualities

Must have exceptional command of English language, and communicate well verbally and in writing.
• Must be able to converse in Bahasa Malaysia fluently.
• Must be able to arrive at work punctually, and does not have commitments that incite constant absenteeism.
• Capable of working after closing hours to meet deadlines.
• Ability to proactively follow-up on outstanding matters, and to think ahead of those matters so as to prompt relevant persons on next steps required.
• Excellent time management skills, indicative of ability to prioritise urgent tasks.
• Must bear qualities of meticulousness and attention to detail.
• Decisive and able to work with minimal direction and supervision.
• Able to organise and manage large amounts of tasks, schedules, and information with diligence and consistency.
• Able to deal with different individuals at all levels in the firm.
• Possess a level-headed temperament and good interpersonal skills.
• Capable of approaching assigned tasks with a specifically client-sensitive approach.
• Possess a keen solutions-orientated approach.
• Strong analytical skills, and an ability to understand underlying business drivers and provide actionable insights.
• Has built and/or has experience in building rapport with clientele of legal firms.
• Must appreciate ‘business formal’ dress code and conduct.

FIRM BRIEF (overview of the organisation)

Founded in 1998, George Varughese Advocates & Solicitors has come to offer consistent standards of service to a large variety of organisations and individuals. We tend conscientiously to the great ways in which results are to be achieved, just as much as achieving great results. Now led by a professional and highly dynamic partnership, the achievement and preservation of quality work remains integral to the practice of George Varughese.

In service of our clients, we offer direct accessibility, prompt response time and a keen business acumen, premised on promoting the success of the Firm, and our clients, in synchronicity. Uninhibited by our being a small-sized firm, George Varughese has attained a reputation for cultivating sharp, audacious and imaginative practitioners, eager to serve uncommon solutions as common practice in every case —And what makes us different, is what makes us better.

With the Firm witnessing continued growth, we are looking to add more members to our ranks. Why join us? We practice a vibrant & energetic office culture which cultivates learning amongst all our employees, whilst also providing opportunities for career advancement at every turn.

While you consider the opportunity, feel free to look us up on:

Name of Firm George Varughese
Address Suite D38-03, 3 Two Square, No.2, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Telephone 03 - 7954 9095
Fax 03 - 7955 2789
Contact Person Mr R.Francis