03rd November, 2021

The Conveyancing Practice Committee Selangor Bar ("CPC") is pleased to update members that a discussion was held between CPC and Pejabat Tanah Daerah Klang ("PTD Klang"). The brief updates are as follows: -

1. We note that the existing slots given for the presentation are not sufficient to cater to requests from members. Therefore, we have requested and PTD Klang has agreed to increase the numbers for the presentation with immediate effect.

2. Members are advised to inform to all their dispatch/runners/representatives of their law firms that “handwritten attendance” or other forms of marking attendance shall not be accepted by PTD Klang. All those who come to PTD Klang shall follow the system and/or procedure fixed by PTD Klang and will be based on first come first serve basis

3. Members are to take note that there will be no walk-in presentation on 3.11.2021 and the Counter for Unit Hasil and Unit Pendaftaran will be operational only up till 11.00am to allow for maintenance works. (

Thank you.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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