19th July, 2022

Dear Members & Pupils of the Selangor Bar,

We have recently received many complaints with regards to the parking situation at the Shah Alam Court. We similarly share the same sentiments of surprise as to the re-arrangement of the parking lots carried out by the Shah Alam Court which has affected members’ parking at the Basement Level of the Annex Building.

Upon consultation with the Court, we were informed that the said re-arrangement is only temporary as new parking arrangement plans are being drawn out. The Court has requested for additional time to look into the re-arrangement and has assured us that they will revert soon.

In the interim, members are currently allowed to park at the designated parking at the Basement Level of the Annex Building. We are constantly in communication with the Court and will update again once the new parking arrangements are issued.

We are extremely grateful to you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Thank you.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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