09th March 2023

Dear Members and Pupils of the Selangor Bar,

The Selangor Bar Committee has just received notification from Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee regarding the above matter.

The said notification is reproduced below for ease reference.

Please be informed that on 10 March 2023, the Kuala Lumpur Court is expecting to receive a high-profile case registration. The Kuala Lumpur Court Security Committee have decided to close the main entrance for all vehicles including the vehicles of Judges, Court officers and staff.

The entrance at Post B (from the LHDN route) will be opened for the vehicles of Judges, Court officers and staff and the Deputy Public Prosecutor or Federal Attorney (Department Card must be presented).

Kindly take note that vehicles of lawyers are not allowed to enter the court premises for the purposes of pick-up / drop-off or parking inside the Court premises. However, the small entrance / exit on the left and right of the main entrance are open to pedestrians.

Members are encouraged to attend Court earlier than usual (recommended before 7:30am) to avoid the congestion that may occur and in addition to the stricter inspections and monitoring that will be carried out by the Police, the Unit of Court Security and RELA.

Members are advised to please take note and be guided accordingly.

Thank you.

M K Thas
Selangor Bar Committee


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